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Help and Advice

Minimising Bathroom Damp

Damp will create unsightly stains and can result in mould or fungal growth developing - usually on the ceiling.
Most likely your bathroom does not have appropriate ventilation.
- Keep a window or door open to increase air circulation.
- Have an expert install an extractor fan which will take out the bulk of steam and condensation that forms each time you take a shower.
- For bathrooms with above normal levels of steam consider applying specialist Anti-Condensation Paint.


- To make a room brighter, hang a mirror on a wall opposite a window to reflect the light.
- When painting skirting boards, hold a thin piece of board against the edge to avoid getting paint on the floor.
- Mask off light switches and plug sockets to keep them clean when painting.
- Old bathroom or kitchen tiles can be given a new lease of life by painting over with special tile paint.
- When using gloss paint, use a special gloss roller to avoid drips.
- To make radiators less visible, you can buy radiator coloured radiator paints to match your walls.
- When hanging pictures in groups use similar frames to synchronise the look.
- Use a small amount of brown shoe polish to age gold frames

Electrical Safety

- Check walls for wires and pipes before cutting out for any new cables and boxes.  Use a detector that can identify Cable, Pipes & Joists.
- Turn off the power and remove the fuse from any circuit you are working on.
- Make sure no-one can turn the power on by mistake.
- Use only approved materials.

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